Episode 37: Lyndy Davis

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Chasing Bravery Podcast.

If you have listened to the show before then you may know that I haven’t recorded or released an episode since 2018. My excuse (if you even want to call it that) is that I had a complicated pregnancy which resulted is a beautiful baby boy born in mid May. I have always had every intention in getting back to recording, but it has admittedly been slower than I would have liked.

All that being said- to those of you who are new listeners- Welcome!

To those who are returning- bless you, thank you, and welcome back!


Today’s guest is Lyndy Davis. Lyndy is a 2016 and 2020 Olympic Trials marathon qualifier who holds a PR of 2:39, a recent Guinness world record holder in the half marathon pulling a baby, and a new mama. Lyndy is someone who I have wanted to have on the show for a while, and coincidentally gave birth to her beautiful baby boy Quentin right around the time that I really started to struggle in my pregnancy. Although Lyndy had a fantastic pregnancy, her experience post-partum was not as smooth. Lyndy has struggled with postpartum depression and has recently opened up about her experience in a blog post through her elite running sponsor Oiselle.

Lyndy’s honesty was brave, refreshing, and validating for me personally as both a runner and a mother now myself. I wanted to have her on to discuss both her post partum experience and running career in more detail, which we did! Listen on to hear how Lyndy used a personal goal of setting a World Record in the ½ marathon while running with her baby to begin to combat her post partum depression and start the journey forward towards the new Lyndy – a lady who will never be the same post baby, but is shaping up to be stronger (and braver) than ever before.

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Kaitlin Wheeler