Episode 34: AnnMarie Kirkpatrick

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Welcome to episode 34 of the Chasing Bravery Podcast. My guest today is Annmarie Kirkpatrick. I have been following Annmarie for awhile now on Instagram from afar (kind of creepy I know), but we all do it guys, so don’t judge. Annmarie, her husband and their two boys live in Fort Collins Colorado where they both work for a super cool non-profit called Mountains and Plains. The Mountains and Plains Institute for Lifelong Learning and Service is a non-profit corporation committed to providing high quality and affordable educational courses, travel, and service learning opportunities for adults. They believe that learning and giving back to others is a lifelong process and discovering new ideas, sharing challenges and experiences is the basis of lifelong rewards. Annmarie has helped people over 80 summit 1400-ers  just to give listeners an idea of how amazing and rewarding this non-profit truly is. I highly encourage anyone who thinks this might be something they are interested in to check out the link to the Mountains and Plains website in the show notes.

Annmarie is also a very speedy runner- like OTQ speedy. To make her more impressive, while she did run in high school she didn’t start seriously running until after the birth of her two boys- both of whom were 9+ pound babies (this woman is a hero). She is coached by her husband, and something they are doing is working, as Annmarie has impressive PR’s of 1:14 in the ½ marathon, and is going for the A standard OTQ qualifier of 2:37 this fall.


AnnMarie is down to earth, loves the earth, is so talented in many areas, and was a pleasure to speak with. I am sure that everyone will enjoy this episode as much as I loved recording it.


Kaitlin Wheeler