Episode 27: Heidi Greenwood

Welcome to episode 27! My guest in this conversation is Heidi Greenwood. 

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Heidi is a very naturally talented athlete, excelling in sports from volleyball to the marathon (you don't hear that everyday). Heidi is originally from Roseau, Minnesota , moving to the University of North Dakota as a volleyball player. While she was there she was recruited by the Fighting Hawks' track and field coach, going on to have a very successful running and volleyball collegiate career including winning a national title in the 1,500-meter run. 

Heidi and I talk about her surprisingly natural, organic journey to the marathon in which she holds a PR of 2:42. I think it's pretty evident that Heidi has a proclivity for all things athletic and I have to admit I am a bit jealous. 

Heidi and I also talk about some tough topics. 

We talk candidly about amenorrhea- which is a loss of a menstrual cycle common among many female athletes. Heidi shares interesting insight into some of the reasons why she believes that amennoreah is so common, and we also talk about how confusing and misleading it can be to be a so healthy physically- with the only exception being a loss of a period. This phenomenon is sometimes why female athletes don’t feel so concerned about their lack of a menstrual cycle, which of course can be problematic.


Heidi and I also talk about her angel babies Leni and Jules. Heidi is a mother who experienced the loss of her daughters during gestation. While it may be difficult for people to hear her story, it doesn’t make it any less a part of who Heidi is, and it also doesn’t make her any less proud of the beautiful babies that she and her husband sadly will never watch grow. Heidi is not aone in her loss, and the courage and bravery she has shown in sharing her story is a beacon for other mothers and parents who have shared similar losses and grief.


To honor theirs, and other lost babies, Heidi and her husband started the Angel Baby Mile. The Angel Baby Mile is an opportunity to honor lost babies. Mile 23 of the Fargo Marathon, on May 19, 2018, will be called the Angel Baby Mile.  Those interested in honoring a baby may sponsor a balloon.  The balloons will be placed along the side of the race course and will be released at completion of race. While there is limited space and helium left for balloons, there are still ways you can honor a lost baby in your life and I will put all the links to that information in the show notes. You can also find a link to the website here: 



Kaitlin Wheeler