Episode 21: Kaitlin Wheeler (Me!)

Chasing Bravery (9).jpg

Episode 21 is different because, well, it features me.

Chad- my boyfriend, editor, and coach stepped into a new role today and was an amazing host.

To be fair, he only had to ask me the questions that I already wrote out for him, but he for sure went above and beyond and did a fantastic job. 

He asked me these (and many other) questions in today's special release: 

Overview of what life is like for girls and women living on reservations in the United States.

When did you become interested in the social and economic conditions of reservations? Where did your idea for a running program stem from/why are you interested in focusing on girls and women in particular?

-Why/how the Chasing Bravery Girls Running Initiative was designed the way it was

What is different about your pilot program in comparison to some of the other girls running programming out there? Can you explain EMDR and the ARC framework in a bit more depth?

What can listeners do to support the initiative?

Chad and I also chat about what has been going on with me lately health wise, and what that means for my running goals as well as plans for racing. 


Kaitlin Wheeler