Episode 16: Sarah Mac Robinson

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Today you are listening to episode 16, and my guest is Sarah Mac Robinson- known in the running world as “Mac”. Little behind the scenes secret- I send out an info packet to my upcoming guests, and there is a section with a questionnaire that I ask people to fill out, so I can get an idea of how they introduce themselves. As an introduction to Sarah I’ll read you hers- “I’m Sarah MacKay Robinson. Known by many as Mac. I’m 34, living in Tacoma WA, I place I couldn’t have found on the map for a million dollars in high school. I graduated a million years ago (2006) with a English Creative Writing BA with a` focus in Poetry from Colorado State University where I also ran XC and Track. I have worked in marketing from the first week out of school, and currently am a freelance brand storyteller (for lack of a better term). I have a 3-year-old daughter, and am pregnant with her brother”. 

While I love Sarah’s short and sweet introduction to herself, I’m going to throw in a few more details. Sarah is one determined lady. She made the brave decision to train in the hopes of running an OTQ when , as she put it “she had no solid grounds for believing it would/could happen”. Guess what ya’ll, it did- and when Sarah was only 14 months postpartum. I loved learning the in depth story behind her first attempt at an OTQ training buildup- in which she accosted a coach at a bar, convinced him to coach her, and then ran home because like I said- she’s a determined lady. Her second build up was catapulted into fruition when the tables were turned, and Sarah was accosted at a party by Stephanie Bruce who convinced her that she needed to be training. I was really touched by this piece of Sarah’s story because it is a true example of women supporting women, and being an ally to another mother, another runner, another woman. We could all use more friends like that in our lives.

Kaitlin Wheeler