Episode 18: Katherine (Katie) Mackey

"To me, being a woman means being creations grand finale"

-Katie Mackey

Hi Everyone!

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You are listening to episode 18 of the Chasing Bravery Podcast. Today I am speaking with the lovely Katie Mackey, who just got back from World Indoor Track and Field championships, where she represented the United States in the 3000 meters.

Katie is not only speedy- she is also kind, open, funny, and real, and it was such a pleasure to speak with her about all things running and life. Katie is someone who wears her heart on her sleeve, and while she will say this is a quality she has had to learn how to moderate and control on the track- it makes her so relatable and refreshing to the broader running community. Katie is a prime example of someone who has had their heart broken by this sport of running,  yet has found a way to turn that heartbreak into an opportunity to grow and come back stronger than ever – which is pretty brave if I do say so myself.

Katie and I chat about her unique training environment with the Brooks Beasts, and what it is like to have her husband as a coach. I must say that I had my boyfriend laughing after I recorded with Katie, because he could totally relate to being on the other side of some of the fiery moments she speaks of with me as an athlete. It was great to hear that even professional athletes whose coaches are their significant others (a dynamic we are seeing more and more of) sometimes struggle to maintain the balance within their own relationships, and I thought that Katie provided some great insight into how she and her husband Danny make it work.

Some of the topics/questions that I ask Katie in this episode include: 

- What is your “into to running story”….how you got started, when you knew you were talented, and most importantly- when you fell in love?

- You have an interesting training set up for two reasons- 1. You are coached by your husband, 2. Your training group (Brooks Beasts) is very tight knit, similar to maybe a college team dynamic- what about these two components of your training and running do you think have helped you be more successful as a professional? Is there anything about your unique set up that sometimes isn’t ideal?

- Huge congratulations on making a World’s Team! Was there anything that changed in your training and build up this season that you think helped your success/confidence?

- Going back in time a bit, I know that your finish at the Olympic Trials was not what you had hoped for, and while it was heartbreaking to observe your heartbreak- it was also very inspiring to view you share your genuine emotions with the world in your interviews after the race. It was so evident in the way that you spoke, that you love this sport with all your heart, but I did wonder as an observer if you were going to be able to bounce back….what was your process in gaining back your motivation after the trials?

-        What are some of your training and racing goals going forward? Do you ever see yourself moving up into longer distances?

-        Most seasoned runners understand that rest and recovery is important- however, there are differences in the “rule of thumb” that professionals adhere to on their recovery days. Do you just run for time on recovery days? Do you use heart rate training at all?

-        What are some hobby’s of yours that people probably don’t know about?


Please check the show notes of this episode for links on how to follow Katie on Social Media, read her blog, and check out her awesome summer camp!


Kaitlin Wheeler