Journal Series 1: In Vitro Fertilization- Caitlin's story

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Hi everyone, you are listening to the first episode of mini journal series. I am speaking with Caitlin an ER nurse from California. Caitlin's husband is a firefighter paramedic, whom she met eleven years ago,  and has been married to for 4 years, Caitlin and her husband have been tying to have a baby for just over 3 years now. They love the outdoors, hiking/camping/traveling/the gym/the beach/ and their dog, "Smokey."
They are sharing their IVF journey today with the message that "if you are struggling on this road, you definitely are not alone; also, to be thankful for what you do have-whether it is that you are still in the game (like ourselves), that you have embryos waiting to be transferred, or perhaps that you have accepted the next phase in the process-even if that was not in your initial plan".

Kaitlin Wheeler