Episode 14: Shawanna White


Hi everybody!

Welcome to the Chasing Bravery Podcast. I’m your host Kait, and I am so happy you are here listening today. This is episode 14, and I am speaking with Shawanna White- also known as peachrunner26.2 over on the old Instagram. Shawanna was an absolute pleasure to speak with, and I can’t wait to share this conversation with you. Shawanna is 38 years old and resides in Columbia, SC f but I am originally from Atlanta, GA. She graduated from the University of West Georgia with a B.S. in Physical Education, and is still a Physical education teacher to this day. Shawanna and I talk about the importance of our PE teachers (a profession close to my heart), as well as her own impressive running career. Shawanna is currently training in the hopes of running an Olympic trials qualifier, and I think you will all be impressed with what she herself calls her “nontraditional” training techniques.

Thank you Shawanna for being a guest on the show!!

Kaitlin Wheeler