Episode 36: Nadine Jolie Courtney

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Welcome to Episode 36 with Nadine Jolie Courtney.

Nadine is a woman who wears many hats- author, travel blogger, Bravo TV reality show star, mother, and wife. Nadine lives in Santa Monica, California with her husband Erik and her daughter Aurelia. A graduate of Barnard college, her writing has appeared in Town & Country, Cosmo, Vogue.com, and many more. She is the author of Confessions of a Beauty Addict, Beauty Confidential, and most recently Romancing the Throne.

Nadine is a dive right in, follow your heart kind of lady -jetting off to Tokyo with her now husband Erik on only their third date. So confident was she that she had found her match that she and Erik married after 7 months of dating, and had their first child Aurelia a mere 11 months later. Nadine and Erik’s love story is a whirlwind of excitement which you can watch unfold in their season of Bravo TV’s , Newlyweds: The First Year.

Despite her fairy tale romance, Nadine has not been immune to heartbreak. In this episode we discuss the three back to back miscarriages she and her husband experienced on their quest to grow their family. Nadine and I discuss the reality that no individual or couple striving to have a child has any guarantee, and that planning (while important) is really up to chance and luck.

Nadine is authentic, introspective, and so sweet. I for one found her perspective and reflection on her heartbreak refreshing and ultimately inspiring.

For links to Nadine’s website, her published work, and her Season on Bravo please visit the show page of this episode, or look in the show notes.

To follow Nadine’s journey I highly recommend following her Instagram @nadinejoliecourtney , you will not be disappointed with the photos of her gorgeous little family, swoon worthy hotel reviews, and epic travel adventures. While not a beauty blogger anymore, she is still glamorous as ever and I aspire to one day achieve hair perfection like hers!

To contact Nadine: nadine@nadinejoliecourtney.com

Website: nadinejoliecourtney.com

Kaitlin Wheeler