Episode 12: Stephanie Rothstein Bruce

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Episode 12 is in the house!

Today we are speaking with Stephanie Rothstein Bruce.

I feel comfortable saying that Stephanie has been a beacon of hope, and inspiration to so many female runners out there- especially the mama’s. I myself don’t have children yet, but I have often thought about Stephanie’s journey when I think about my own desire to have babies- which conflicts with some of the life stuff I still want to do. Stephanie has been proof to me that many of the conflicts I thought existed when it comes to having babies and pursing your dreams are really all in my head.

Stephanie had her two boys in a two year time span, and then went on to run an A standard Olympic trials qualifying time in the 10k- only 7 months post-partum. Stephanie kept the ball rolling from there, tackling pronounced diastis recti and other side effects shall we say of carrying and birthing two babies in short succession. She most recently finished 22nd at the 2017 IAAF World Cross Country Championships- the highest place for a non-African born runner, 10th at the New York City marathon, and was the winner of the Arizona Rock and Roll half marathon a few weekends ago.

Stephanie was such a pleasure to speak with, and she was totally game for some of my stranger end of podcast questions.

Kaitlin Wheeler