Episode 11: Ali Feller

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Episode 11 is with Ali Feller- host of one of my favorite podcasts- The Ali on the Run show. 
Ali and I dig deep into the topic of really breaking down what our own personal values are, and how we can live lives that most intentionally reflect this. I was really excited to speak with her about this, because as an almost mid twenty something year old, I have found that what I was taught my entire life about what I needed to achieve in order to successful and happy isn’t necessarily the case. I know I am not the only one at this point in life who is feeling this, and I think Ali has some great perspective on the topic! 
Ali is by no means old, so let’s just get that clear, she is however over her mid twenties, quarter life crises hump, and she is a refreshing voice on the topic. 
Ali and I also discuss much more, including how she views her Crohns disease, and how that as changed and altered over time. Ali is sweet, honest, and funny, and I SO enjoyed chatting with her!

Kaitlin Wheeler