Episode 10: Alana Kopelson

Chasing Bravery (25).jpg

This is episode 10, and I am speaking with Alana Kopelson. Some of you may know her on social media as alanaruns26.2, which is a very accurate handle, as she has run quite a few races of that exact distance. Alana’s story is incredible, not only because she just became a marathoner in 2015, but because she has run huge personal bests in each of 3 marathons this year. Alana most recently finished the CIM marathon early in December of 2017 where she ran her most recent PR of 2 hours and 55 minutes.

I knew I wanted to speak with Alana as soon as learned about her progression, because it is just not common that you hear a story like hers. Alana is up front that her training doesn’t always look perfect, and that she has plenty of ups and downs. She is also not afraid to share her big goals with the world- which just recently include qualifying for the 2020 Olympic marathon trials.

My conversation with Alana is real, and inspirational. It was refreshing for me to hear the narrative of someone so new to the sport because it reminded me of that magic many of us can remember when running first clicked. Alana reminded me to not stop chasing that feeling, and I think she might just do the same for you.

Kaitlin Wheeler