Episode 5: Kat Samardzija

Episode 5 is in the house! 


Chasing Bravery (21).jpg

Locker Lifestyle is the very first brand supporter of this podcast- which I think is fitting seeing as the founder is a brave lady herself. If you listened to episode 4, then you already heard me rave about the Locker Lifestyle products, and it was such a pleasure to hear the voice behind the headband that actually fits my head!!

 The Genesis of Locker Lifestyle started in February of 2016...founder, Kat, being a very active student athlete, decided she was sick of bringing her entire wallet to the gym when all she needed was her student ID to get in/out. Lockers didn't lock, cubbies were open for anyone to steal belongings, and she didn't need everything she always ended up bringing!

After countless hours of searching for the perfect product with no success, she decided to do something about it, especially since running belts are bulky, unfashionable, and restricting.

Fortunately, Kat's "Momager" had a successful bridal store with a very talented seamstress. Kat drew up the designs, specifics, and worked with her to see if what she was thinking up was even possible. After many revisions, her very first product, the Wrist Locker, was born!

Since then the wrist locker has grown to include a head locker and mini locker. The fabric is machine washable, and if I must say so myself- super luxurious. The design is also unbelievably wearer friendly…. seriously I have the weirdest shaped head, and my locker lifestyle headband stayed put for an entire 10-mile run (with Chapstick, keys, debit card, and GU inside)

For 10% off your first order go to lockerlifestyle.com and enter code CHASINGBRAVERY at checkout.

Recording this episode with Kat was such a pleasure. I am so impressed with this girls work ethic, and bravery, and I know you will be too.

Kaitlin Wheeler