Episode 2: Rachel Cotton

Welcome to Episode 2!

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This episode was the very very first that I recorded and I was so nervous! I had soooooo many technical issues, and the actual episode was less of Rachel telling her story and more of a ping pong conversation. Hey, that's what happens when you put two girls diagnosed with ADHD on skype...

In the end the conversation was fantastic, and I learned a lot about Impostor Syndrome, and what it is like to be a PhD. candidate at Harvard.

I hope that everyone remembers Rachel's name, because I am pretty sure that we will be hearing it in the future......this chick is brilliant.

Rachel is 26 years old, she resides in Cambridge, MA, and she is currently a PhD Candidate at Harvard in the Immunology Program.

Rachel and I met because we are both egg donors. I actually started the real work on this podcast during the long 5 days while I waited to hear if my body was ready to complete the egg retrieval. I know that many listeners out probably view egg donation as a controversial topic, and it is….but hopefully my conversation with Rachel will open some minds to what the experience is actually like, and give a bit of insight into why some of us women decide to become donors.

Rachel and I also discuss Impostor syndrome, as well as what it is like to be an adult with ADHD.

My apologies to Rachel for being the guinea pig recording… and to my listeners please hang in there, this is an interesting conversation and I promise that the future episodes only get better!

Kaitlin Wheeler